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Our Memberships

The club offers three different kinds of memberships open to all persons who subscribe to the purposes of the club, and are in good standing with the American Kennel Club. These memberships are Regular (individual), Household (two adult members in the same household), and Junior (children between the ages of 9-18)

We meet six times a year to make plans and decisions about our yearly events (which consist of two speciality shows and two field trials), and to discuss other community activites and recieve updates on the happenings in the world of dogs.

Membership in the Basset Hound Club of Sacramento (BHCS) is expected to be an active relationship, with members attending at least 50% of the regular membership meetings.

How to Join

Our annual dues are $25 for regular membership, $40 per household, and $5 for juniors. Dues are payable upon application and each September 1st thereafter.

To apply, please attend one of the meetings mentioned on our blog, and find a sponsor. Afterwards, download, complete, and mail the BHCS application form from your BHCS sponsors (a sample of the form can be found at the top of the page). After completing the form with signatures from your two sponsors, please include a check payable to "BHCS" with your yearly dues.